Hopkinson Aircraft Sales

Why the Demand for Private Jets is on the Rise

If COVID has taught us one thing it’s that being tied to big corporate and government control severely restricts our freedoms. Nowhere was this reality more visible than in the private jet community. Those who were unable to access private aircraft were left stranded or unable to travel in accordance with their wishes. At no […]

Top 3 Worst Private Jet Purchases

Money does not always come with brains and sometimes people’s eyes are bigger than their wallets or they are manipulated by brokers who try to oversell them private jets that make the brokers more money. Buying a private jet is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, and there must be a match […]

It’s Time to Digitize the Private Jet Market

Traditionally, private jet sales were restricted to an elite group of legacy players who had a well-protected Rolodex and insisted that things be done the old way. Today’s market demands speed of action, a wide network and super fast electronic communication to find the right deal at the right moment and secure the inventory before […]

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