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Your premier provider in the private aerospace market.

Hopkinson Aircraft Sales is your greatest asset in buying or selling any aircraft in North America and beyond. We have dedicated three generations to the art of aircraft sales and are committed to extending our pursuits to the benefit of our clients.

We look forward to earning your business for life.

Hopkinson Aircraft Sales


Acquiring an aircraft is a sophisticated process that requires detailed attention and efficiency at every stage. Your needs are unique, your time is valuable, and our objective is to deliver a seamless, turn-key experience that provides you with the perfect aircraft. Our team operates in this marketplace daily, providing real-time data and a wealth of experience and knowledge to every acquisition we undertake.

Acquisitions Services Include:

✓ Research and analysis of aircraft availability in the global market

✓ Financing assistance

✓ Complete preparation of the purchase contract

✓ Pre-purchase inspections, Lien and Title Searches

✓ Managing the licensing processes with the appropriate government agencies

✓ Management of any repairs, or modifications, as required

✓ Arrangement and completion of any necessary Delivery, Customs and Importation documents, as required

✓ Negotiation of aircraft/engine leases and life cycle management of lease portfolios from lease commencement to return or disposition

✓ Assistance in the establishment of “stand alone” flight departments including the procurement of office and hangar space as well as the hiring of staff, or the selection of a management company (if applicable)

✓ Weekly progress reports


When re-marketing your aircraft, we’re committed to protecting your best interests while achieving the most beneficial results. Success in this process requires in-depth industry knowledge, market analysis skills and the ability to answer any question put forward by potential buyers about your aircraft. Our team combines their extensive negotiation and marketing experience with their passion for aviation.

Our Remarketing Process:

✓ Market Intelligence & Contracting

✓ Build Aircraft Database & Brochure

✓ Marketing Strategy & Media Plan

✓ Lead Generation & Follow-up

✓ Contract Offers & Negotiation

✓ Pre-Purchase Management

✓ Escrow Procedures

✓ Closing Achieved

✓ Importation or Exportation

✓ Customs Clearance & Brokerage

✓ Air Operator licensing & Approvals

✓ Delivery of Aircraft


We maintain a manual research library, and aggregate market intelligence across platforms, giving our clients a complete look at any and all aircraft markets.

Research Service Include:

Our Analysts deliver research to our clients both on an ongoing and per-project basis.

✓ This service includes tracking previous transactions for an accurate understanding of existing conditions.

✓ Research information is shared with our industry contacts and associates worldwide for more comprehensive reporting.


Our consulting services are available to both established industry players and newcomers alike. Such services range from RFP generation to operational audits. Our in-house capabilities permit us to successfully report on corporate aviation operations, both present and proposed, as well as market trends. Special projects such as evaluating foreign business and political climates, emergency medical health transport support, and aviation applications in new frontiers are an integral part of this service.

Appraisal Services

Thorough assessment of your aircraft is essential to determining the value of your asset. Our appraisal process is rigorous and includes a mandatory technical evaluation and records audits, performed by an independent engineer with corresponding aircraft endorsements. A professionally prepared inspection report is provided, and our research department gathers evaluations and comparisons from major trade sources. In addition to aviation-related market trends, we consider current and future economic climates when providing our opinions on the value of any aircraft.
Hopkinson Aircraft Sales operates internationally, with offices located in Western Canada and Arizona. Contact us directly or provide your information with our form and one of our associates will respond to your questions as soon as possible.