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Premier aircraft brokerage.

Hopkinson Aircraft Sales

Over 60 Years

of Aviation Experience.

Luxury Aircraft Sale

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Luxury Aircraft Sale

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Hopkinson Luxury Aircraft Sale

Hopkinson Luxury Aircraft Sale

About us

Trust 3 Generations of Elevated Expertise

Hopkinson Luxury Aircraft Sales is a premier aircraft brokerage specializing in private jets and turboprops. Our business benefits from 60 years and three generations of passed-down experience in the aviation industry. We pride ourselves on our reputation, reach and resilience in the aviation market and are committed to providing best-in-class service

Our Inventory

We specialize in connecting the right client with the right aircraft.

Your Aviation needs are distinct. Work with a team that is aware of your mission and understands your desires. At Hopkinson Aircraft Sales, we pride ourselves on our experience in remarketing aircraft of every segment. Our inventory includes private and corporate jets, turboprops, and helicopters. From initial marketing through delivery – we ensure our client’s needs are not only met but exceeded.

Luxury Aircraft Sale

Hopkinson Luxury Aircraft Sale

Our Services

Your premier service provider.

Hopkinson Aircraft Sales is your greatest asset in buying or selling any aircraft in North America and beyond. Your pursuits will be met with integrity, honesty and passion to ensure that you savour the buying experience.

We look forward to celebrating your success.


Start your buying journey with us. We specialize in providing clients an expert, tailored opinion before they spend. Our process is detailed, collaborative, and unique to each individual client.


You can rely on extensive negotiating and marketing experience when you list your aircraft with us. Trust the experts, your assets are in good hands.

Our Research

We maintain a manual research library, and aggregate market intelligence across platforms, giving our clients a complete look at any and all aircraft markets.


Our consulting services are available to both established industry players and newcomers alike. Services range from flight department generation, management company consultation and mission analysis. We are also able to assemble complex teams to provide technical assessments and audits, as necessary.

Appraisal Services

We can provide a range of evaluation services. Our appraisal process can be tailored from desktop, to highly detailed and rigorous technical evaluations and records audits. Independent teams with corresponding type endorsements can also be assembled as required.


Introducing Our Experts

Our 60 plus years in the industry has taught us the importance of having a strong and competent team. Working with the right team means avoiding mistakes and proper planning for the future.

Hopkinson Family

John Hopkinson


Andrew Hopkinson


Keith Hopkinson

Vice President

Christina Hopkinson


Nicole Hopkinson


Letricia Croft

Contracts Specialist

Sean Windle

Sales Associate

Richard Campbell

Sales Associate

Dona David

Office Manager / Sales Coor.

Noel Wallace


Vlad Tiulchenko

Research Analyst

Matthew Woodland

Sales Associate

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