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Why the Demand for Private Jets is on the Rise

If COVID has taught us one thing it’s that being tied to big corporate and government control severely restricts our freedoms. Nowhere was this reality more visible than in the private jet community. Those who were unable to access private aircraft were left stranded or unable to travel in accordance with their wishes. At no other time did the luxury of private aircraft reveal such a lifestyle advantage. Those who afforded themselves a private aircraft or access to one were able to maneuver with far greater ease and flexibility than the vast majority of the population.

This stark reality transferred into a huge increase in demand and thus the ability to travel with 100% more freedom.

Sadly, the increased demand means prices are going up and it is hard to find good inventory.  The waiting list for new planes is long and used private aircraft sell before they are listed. This means that you need highly skilled brokers to find the planes before they are scooped up by your competitors.

There are 3 factors tied to finding great inventory:

1. Relationships

In order to win in this competitive market your need deep connections in the airline world. At Hopkinson Aircraft Sales, we have been in business for 50 years and know most in the industry on a first name basis. 

We also hold the largest collection of aviation books in our library and people from all over the world contact us in the search for rare books. Our collection puts us in a great position to find aircrafts for sale before our competition does. 

2. Trust

An aircraft sale is a big deal and people do not want to waste their time with people who are unreliable or cannot be trusted. In the private aircraft industry, one’s reputation is so important. If you have the right reputation, deals can be done on a handshake. It is our strong name and generations of credibility that allow us to secure aircrafts quickly when they come available. 

3. Expertise

There is a reason we have the biggest collection of books on aircrafts in North America. We love our industry and know every detail of all aircrafts on the market. Put simply, we do the work, we know the details and thus we can negotiate the best deals for our clients.

As the market gets more frenzied and unpredictable we pride ourselves on our legacy and modernized approach to the market. At no time has it been more important to have a top team on your side when you are in the market to buy or sell a private jet or aircraft. At Hopkinson Aircraft Sales we are your expert team at the ready to help you find the perfect match for your life, your business and your lifestyle.

Contact us today to learn more about Hopkinson Aircraft Sales and how we can be your trusted partner in navigating the private jet market.

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