Hopkinson Aircraft Sales

It’s Time to Digitize the Private Jet Market

Traditionally, private jet sales were restricted to an elite group of legacy players who had a well-protected Rolodex and insisted that things be done the old way. Today’s market demands speed of action, a wide network and super fast electronic communication to find the right deal at the right moment and secure the inventory before everybody else.

This can’t happen if the traditional brokers insist on living in the past and holding on to non-digital methodologies. At Hopkinson Aircraft Sales we pride ourselves on our rich history and deep experience but know that in the digital age the pace of change is growing exponentially.  

That is why we pledged to modernize years ago and leverage our history with technology to provide the best service possible. We are comfortable in mahogany and leather boardrooms, but we are also comfortable on zoom making deals internationally for clients in their time zones–or brokering deals at all hours. What works for us is whatever works best for our client, that’s been our motto for over 40 years.

We may have sold your father or grandfather his plane, but we are young, digital and ready to sell you yours as well. Contact us today to learn more about Hopkinson Aircraft Sales and how we can be your trusted partner in navigating the private jet market.

Hopkinson Aircraft Sales operates internationally, with offices located in Western Canada and Arizona. Contact us directly or provide your information with our form and one of our associates will respond to your questions as soon as possible.